2017 Edition

The Dream of Shushu
Claire Couson

Therefore I am
Vita Tae Zorat

In Chinese culture Gold, Wood, Water, Fire and Ground are the five elements that, if correctly placed within someone's name, could give aid and hope, leading to success.

But what is a name? Does it define who we are or is it the other way around?

This is a journey through the names that were crafted, names that were inherited and names that were innovated. But most of all it is a journey through the lives behind those names because, ultimately, it is the story that matters, not the title.

Survival Hands
João Mestre

Li Wen, an old famous craftsman of the Chinese art Black Coper with Silver Inlay , will show us how powerful this art is in terms of gathering the best conditions to survive on a modern-technological world.

The Pilgrim
José Augusto Silva

Pilgrim is a documentary about a painter, about his creativity, his emotions.

A journey through the interior of an artist, the way we go the world and how we feel, love, happiness, suffering and the untiring search for the answers that the world can not give us, are what defines an artist.

Sea of Knowledge
Leonor Alexandrino

Sea of Knowledge é um documentário experimental e sensorial focado nas Seis Artes de Confúcio e a sua relação com a cidade de Jianshui.

Centrado no Templo de Confúcio de Jianshui, este documentário irá imergir o espectador no espírito das Seis Artes.